Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Product Review - Beadalon Wildfire Thread

I've been beading for years now and have tried various types of beading threads and hands down, Beadalon's Wildfire is the best I've used for various reasons.  I have only tried the .006" size that has an amazing 10 lb. breaking point.

What I like most about this thread is it's strength and durability.  I cannot break this thread no matter how hard I pull on it and I can keep my beadwork nice and tight without worrying about the thread breaking, stretching, or becoming weak.

Wildfire thread easily fits in my size 11 seed beads, and I am a bead weaver, and that means that I typically go through each bead at least 2 times, and many times I have to go through a bead 3 or 4 times.  I worried about the diameter of the thread at first since it is thicker than nylon thread or Fireline, but I've been very surprised and pleased with it's ability to weave in and out of my beads.

In addition, Wildfire thread has little stretch to it, meaning that when I place a bead I don't have to worry about the thread stretching and making my creations go awry or stretching out over time.  When I complete a project I know that the finished creation will stay in tact.

Willdfire thread is created using 5 pieces of thread woven together and the thermal bonding is wrapped around it making it virtually unable to be pierced with a needle as I am weaving beads together.  This feature reduces much frustration if/when I have to undo a bead or a row of beading to fix something in my work.  In addition to the thermal bonding making the thread unable to be pierced, it also makes the thread waterproof and makes it so that it doesn't fray.  What a wonderful concept, it's like music to my beading ears!

I have not tried the .008 inch, 12 lb breaking point version of this thread, but even an added .002 inches may make it tough to weave size 11 seed beads.  Besides, I am comfortable with the 10 lb. breaking point and don't feel the need for an added 2 lbs.  The items that I create are woven together, which naturally creates added strength.  If I can't break even one strand of it, I am confident that the items will hold up to normal conditions being woven with 1 or more strands of this thread going through each bead.

I highly recommend that anybody who purchases beaded items should find out what kind of thread that the beader used because not all threads are the same.  While Wildfire is waterproof, many other threads are not, such as cotton and some nylon threads. To help protect and condition nylon threads many people use either beeswax or Thread Heaven's brand of thread conditioner, but that doesn't mean that you should submerse the beadwork in water.  Fireline is a good and cheaper alternative to Wildfire, but I wouldn't say that it is in the same category, as it has a lower weight breaking point and stretches more than Wildfire.  Personally, I choose Wildfire and use it almost exclusively in my work, not only because it makes beading easier on me, but also because it gives me added confidence that the items I make will hold up and stand the test of time for those who purchase what I make.

Beadalon's Wildfire thermally bonded bead weavers thread lives up to what it says it will do and I give it 5 stars!

If you'd like more information on caring for your bead woven items, please see my page, "Caring for Your Beadwork."

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