Monday, September 20, 2010

Crafting for Animals Artfire Guild

If you know me at all, you know that one of my passions is animals and their well-being.  I was vegan for a while and vegetarian for even longer due to the things going on in animal farms, especially  the industrialized ones where animals are treated like machines rather than animals, with little or no respect, used, abused, and then killed to be eaten.  Most people turn the other cheek, but I decided not to.  I faced it and I cried, and then I said my prayers and decided that I was not going to let this issue go.  Ever.

I do beadwork and have a line of keychains out that I make and offer 10% of total sales from that line to one of two different organizations that help animals.  I am in the process of expanding the line, so please stay tuned, as this is just the beginning for me.  It is also just the beginning of my journey with the Crafting for animals Artfire Guild.

The Crafting for Animals Artfire Guild is for all animal lovers, it is a group of artists and crafters on who are dedicated to catering to the needs of animals by either creating and designing items for animals or by raising funds for charitable animal organizations.  The guild also has a blog that we use to post events, issues, features, promotions, and offer a monthly newsletter to subscribers.

This past week I decided to do a weekly column on the Crafting for Animals blog about current events and issues in animal rights and abuse in the world.  My purpose for doing this is to hopefully enlighten people about what is going on with animals today and what things we can do, as animal lovers, to help our winged, 4 legged, and friends from the sea.  Watch for my new posts every Wednesday!

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