Sunday, October 3, 2010

Origami Gift Boxes

Today I was searching around for the perfect gift boxes that I could use when selling my items, when out of the blue, DH says to me, "why don't you make them?"  Hmmmm....

His comment made me begin researching on YouTube on how to make a box, and lucky me, they have quite a few tutorials on how to make a box.  From regular printer paper to origami paper, to scrapbooking paper, to holiday greeting cards (great recycling idea!) So many ideas...   next, all I had to do is decide what KIND of boxes I wanted to make, because unbeknownst to me, I could make a square box or a rectangle box, or perhaps I could do an origami star box, or the interlocking top box made from one piece of paper and no cutting, or I could make a hexagon box, a pentagon box, and I think that I even saw an oval box tutorial.

For the past few hours I've been watching box making videos and decided that I would use either scrapbooking paper or maybe I will give greeting cards a try, as they seem appropriate with the holidays coming along.  I chose the video above as a good tutorial overall, it's a one-piece box where the top interlocks upon itself, and although the guy in the tut uses computer paper, any paper can be used.  Now I will have to check out the scrapbooking section and begin a new journey in box-making.  If I am good enough, I think that I will begin shipping orders in them.  I think it would give a personalized touch and I could make the boxes any size I would like.  As long as they are sturdy enough, they would hold up in shipping and could be used as storage for my customer's new purchase for years to come.  Excellent idea DH!  Now to begin my journey...


  1. It's an interesting concept. The Origami box looks simple enough to do (probably after lots of practice)but I wonder if it could be made from something as stiff and durable as cardboard?
    Some of the folds were done in small and very tight places. Guess it would be something to experiment with and presenting a customer's purchase in a box that was handcrafted by yourself would be quite an impressive statement ... one that the customer would definitely remember for years to come.

  2. Thank you Precious, I bought some thicker paper and will begin my box making journey and see what happens. I found a couple other box making "how to's" on Youtube as well. I will post my final product when I'm finished, never know...



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