Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Native American Beaded Thunderbird Pendant

This stunning Native American Beaded Thunderbird necklace was created using #11 Miyuki seed beads, Beadalon's Wildfire thermally bonded bead weaver's thread in a 10 lb. break point, and bugle beads. It is one of a kind (OOAK) and was created using my own design using the brick stitch throughout the pendant and chain, which means that it was done one bead at a time.

The Thunderbird pendant measures 2" x 2", and the necklace measures 26" on the inside diameter (will fit over a head that is 26" or less), and measures 16" from the top of the necklace chain to the bottom of the fringe.

Background: When I was young, I was taught that the Thunderbird was a spirit-bird that was larger than an eagle and lived above, and hid behind, the clouds. I was also taught that it is the Thunderbird who creates the sound of thunder with the flapping of his great wings.  You can do a search to find out more information about the Thunderbird and what it means to various cultures, including within the various Native Nations.

The meaning of this necklace to me in a nutshell: The Thunderbird himself is done in fiery tones to show the turbulent energy of a thunder storm, and since thunderbird's hide behind, or are camouflaged by, the clouds I've created a turbulent, fiery cloud beneath him. <> The sound of thunder is shown by the << and >> pattern on each side of the cloud. In the chain part of the necklace I've placed lightening, and above that I've placed more fire colors to show the turbulent, moving winds and the sounds that the wind and thunder create. Beneath the pendant, the fringe shows more turbulent weather, and at the bottom of the fringes are rain drops.

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  1. this is a stunning piece and is obviously much more than just jewelry




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