Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook 200 Fan Giveaway Results

I did my random drawing last night for my Facebook 200 Fan Giveaway Contest


I had 17 entries and all 17 won a prize,my biggest winners are:
JAMEY LOPEZ - 1st place, Won a $20 custom beaded gift from me
JESSICA PRUESS - 2nd Place, won 20% off any item in my Artfire Studio
PRINCESS MIA - 3rd Place, won 10% off any item in my Artfire Studio

To view the drawing and winners, please click on the seal below.

Jamey chose for her prize a pair of my hand-beaded Indian Corn Earrings shown above, and was really excited to win because she loves handmade jewelry and now that her babies are out of their baby stage she can wear lots of jewelry again! 

Jamey is an artist herself and makes all sorts of handmade items.  On her Facebook page, Jamey states:

"I have been creating and making art since my childhood. My experience and training are a combination of formal and self-taught techniques which include; drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, sculpture, and digital media. I have attended the Hartford Art School in Connecticut. My faith in God inspires me to create pieces which I believe reflect the beauty of creation or the spiritual search. My subjects often include horses, animals, nature, musicians, often Jazz musicians, and Judaeo-Christian symbolism.

I love bold use of color and capturing a moment in time in my work, as well as movement. Many styles of art have influenced me such as, surrealism, abstract expressionism and expressionism, classical, and many more. Music is also a factor of influence to me as I feel that it is also an expression of art and the different movements in music coincide with the movements in art."

I'm certain you will love her talent as much as I do. A few places that she can be found around the web are:



I will be having many more Facebook promotions and contests,and you never know what I might be giving away, so stop in and "like" my Facebook Page so you can enter and play too!

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