Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Clothespin Snow Couple

Clothespin Snow Couple
(These aren't beaded, but they're cute.)

These snowmen and snowladies are fun to make. They are made from clothespins in the style of clothespin dolls. They are handmade, hand painted, and hand decorated. Each is unique. This pair is sold as a couple and is currently available in my shops.

I wondered if it was too early to make and list this pair, but gave in and listed them. I figure that it's never too early for winter or Christmas items.

These can be used as a decoration or doubled as ornaments on your tree. They have pre-drilled holes in the back where you can place hooks for hanging. I don't think they will last too long after the weather starts getting cold, but if they sell, no worries, more are in the making. I am always available for requests.

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