Monday, October 25, 2010

Featured Artisan: Pamela Todd

Pamela Todd is the owner of Bags and More By Pam.  She was finally able to pursue her passion of crocheting after she retired as a school teacher!  She first created her own website to sell her items and then moved on to Etsy, Artfire, and other venues.  She also sells her handmade items at local craft fairs and has been known to make donations to her local humane society.  She's been selling commercially for the past 9 years, now that's commitment!

 Fashion Sweater in Light Aqua

Pam is a member of several Artfire Guilds, her most active being Crafting for Animals, where I have had the privilege of getting to know a little about her.  She writes a bi-monthly blog for the Crafting for Animals Blog on various subjects, her latest being about sea turtles, a very interesting and informative article.  She is also a member of three Etsy teams, including Boomers and Beyond (BBest Team,) EtsyHookers Team, and Indiana Etsy Street Team.

Christmas Stocking - red and whitePam is getting ready for the winter season and has lots of sweaters, scarves, dog sweaters and neck wear, leg warmers, and other items to keep everyone and their dogs warm this winter!  In addition, she makes bags and other items such as this featured this lovely holiday stocking that can easily and beautifully be hung by your chimney with care.  In viewing Pam's items I see items for men, women, children and dogs, and I find myself amazed at her perfect stitches and the quality of her products, no wonder she has a perfect 5 stars and rating of 10/10! 

Queen Anne Lace Scarf

Pam has three children, three grandchildren, and two dogs.  Her dogs are a Shepherd mix named Daisy, and Ed, a Boston Terrier, both of whom proudly model her crocheted wonders in her shops, such as this pink Pizzazz Dog Collar on Daisy:

Pink Pizzazz Dog Collar

And this lucky clover, green and white collar on Ed:

Medium Size Dog St Pat Collar

Such a gorgeous pair!

Pam can be found on the web at:

Fringed Poncho - Choose Your Favorite Color!  Limey Slouchy Hat  Teal Hobo Bag or Order in Your Favorite Color

Thank you Pam for sharing your story with us! 

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  1. Pam is such a great crocheter and has a great heart for animals. I didn't know Pam has been selling for 9 years!

    TSbeading did a great job in showcasing pam too :)

  2. Awesome work Pam! I wish I had half your talent.

  3. You make some really lovely items Pam. I especially like the pink fringe to go around a dogs's so pretty. That said, you have made many, many lovely items.

  4. Thanks, Tina, for this wonderful post about me and my shop. Really appreciate it, and apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your kind words. Guess I've been "snowed under"! Thanks again.



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