Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctor, doctor! NA Forum, orders and being reunited!

Wow, it's been a busy few days for me.  Today I had a doctor's appointment and then waited forever for my prescriptions to be filled, and when I got it, the order was wrong, and so I had to resubmit it two more times until it was finally right.    Then it was DH's doctor appointment and trip to the pharmacy, and that was equally as long and exciting.  So, I didn't get too much accomplished today.

This evening I sat in on "Story time" on the Native American Thread in the Etsy Forums, (I do believe you need an Etsy account as buyer or seller to post in the forums) which is always fun and interesting.  Wednesday nights are story nights at 7pm CST, and tonight we were told an excellent story about Raven and his Cousin Crow from Beadlady61.  The Native American thread was started almost a year ago and we are now in chapter 5.  There's a wonderful group of folks who come through the forum, not all are Native American, nor do all of them make Native American Art, but since I was notified of the thread about a month ago, I've had the pleasure of the forum.  Join us sometime, even if it is just for story time.  The group is very welcoming, and I haven't been bitten or heard of anyone getting bitten, yet... so, I think it's safe!

Then I had to get together a couple orders that I have to ship out tomorrow.  One is a custom order that I finished up last night, and then I have two pairs of earrings that I will be sending out either tomorrow or the day after to the lucky winners in my Facebook fan celebration!  If you're not my fan, just go to my facebook page here and click "like" and you can get in on future giveaways, promotions, sales, etc., as well!

I also finally heard from my cousin that I hadn't heard from or talked with in about 5 years!  I received a FB add from her today and I'm so excited to be in touch again.  When I went to undergrad in Milwaukee, she was always there for me and helped me out a lot.  We had such good times together and always got along so well, but then I moved away and phone numbers changed, and somehow 5 whole years have slipped by.  I can't believe how much her children have grown!  I am extremely happy that we will finally catch up again.

My eyes are now drooping and so I am going to call it a night.  I posted a few new posts with pictures of current items I've been working on for your daily dose of eye candy.  Enjoy!

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